24 Sep 2007

Confucius, Bloom, & Ki Hajar Dewantara

There's a lot of concept of education, and lately in Indonesia we still get stuck with curriculum. From one concept to another, and still we end up with UAN. From China, Confucius' wise guidance has remind us:
I see possibilities and I show up.
I have fun and I am energized.
I question and I open the space for learning.
I multi-sense and I remember.
I reflect and integrate and I can share with others.
I apply to real life and I get results.

And later, in 1956 when Benjamin Bloom invented three learning domain which is called Cognitive Domain , Affective Domain, and Psychomotor Domain, education world goes beyond traditional pedagogy. But still, we stuck on cognitive evaluation, blaming that affective skills can not be evaluated.

But go back to indonesian history, we already had Ki Hajar Dewantara's Cipta, Rasa, dan Karsa, still we can not come up with a bright new ideas on education in indonesia. Why?

We imagine a deliberating education. A simple one, not an expensive one. An education system that allow us to see much more than numbers. A system that bring us towards our vision of Indonesia from our sacred Pancasila.

Is that hard to imagine?
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