24 Sep 2007

Is there Indonesian Design?


What is Design. Just pop-up from my mind, considering Indonesian History didn't have any story about design.
We have craftmanship, but still it is not close enough to design, as they mention in design history. And suddenly, when I make this post, as link from John Winsor posted, i ask my self, What is Indonesian Design?

Is there any Indonesia Design? As many creative people talk about how great they did in making ads, still we can not define what is Indonesian Design. Do we have to define it? Or just leave it?

As we know that design was born from Western culture, and it is for sure that Indonesian only follow what its already done. We are not Japanesse. We are indonesian, and I think we can do better than Japanesse.

But, do we want to do it? Do we have an intention to do it?

That's the really question I guess.
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